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Nick Bladock


Tag: managing expectations

It’s a Question of Money

Believe it or not, some salespeople don’t like to talk to prospects about money. And yet why would you expect to meet with someone for the purpose of doing business without talking about the financial side of it?

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Getting What You Want

This is the second article in our series on the “Trusted Advisor”, and in it we’re going to think about expectations – getting what you want. You see, quite often there’s a significant difference between what y

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Over promising is telling a lie

We have to make promises to our customers but how often do we stand back and think about whether the promises we make are genuinely being matched by what we can and do deliver?

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Why the Customer is Always Wrong

The customer is always right, right? Whatever the customer wants we do – whatever it is that we have to in order to deliver, we bend over backwards to do it. We promise the stars and hope that the moon will be enough;

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