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When Objections Are Lies, and When They’re Not

As a sales person, do you ever wonder if prospects lie? The difference between outright lies and simple objections has as much to do with context as anything else; and if you assume it to be the former when it’s the la

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Selling by Walking Away

A Law is something that is always true. No exceptions. Do you remember Newton’s Laws of Physics? As a salesperson it is vital that you do or you will be missing out on plenty of sales

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Getting Prospects to Sell Themselves

When a pitch to a prospect starts to go wrong, most sales people over-react. They point out the features and benefits again or make even more concessions. They do the opposite of what they should do and things only get w

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Perception kills sales

It is hard to believe that perception still plays a key role in business decisions. It is akin to judging a book by its cover; too frequently we see examples of sales personnel discriminating against customers they th

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The art of sales suicide

You have just arrived at an event hosted by your local Chamber of Commerce. Everyone knows that networking will take place however, why do so many people use that famous ice breaker: “What do you do?”

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