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Nick BaldockAbout Nick Baldock

Nick Baldock was an international speaker and sales improvement consultant. He had clients across the globe and helped them become more effective at converting sales effort into more profitable sales results. Following a highly successful sales career which spanned three industries - Finance, Media Advertising and Recruitment, he had since 1985 been delighting audiences across Europe and the USA as a speaker, sales trainer and business development consultant. Organisations such as Royal Bank of Scotland, SSL International, British Airways, Capitol Radio and BMW have testified to the value of his experience and skill which gave him such credibility with an audience along with his commanding presence, enthusiasm and sense of humour which gave him the means to build a bond with a group very quickly and hold their attention throughout a session.

Nick died suddenly and unexpectedly of a heart attack on 12th July 2014. He simply collapsed while talking with his wife, Kirsty, and was gone. Amazing for a man who had run countless marathons, run 4000 miles across America, run from Lands End to John O'Groats twice; both times in under 40 days. 

In addition to enjoying his first book on sales, you can still experience his wisdom through Be More Effective by:

Would you like us to help you build a value house for your company?

If you and your sales people often get involved in a price-based negotiation you could save yourself considerable time, stress and money if you brought Nick's wisdom in to help you position your business and its proposals more effectively. Through Be More Effective you can still access his wisdom and ideas on selling. Be More Effective can provide you with a World Class Sales Coach and Trainer and enable you to build a robust value house for your own company. To arrange an initial discussion please contact us.

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