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Nick Bladock


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What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself

What publicity do you give yourself? I believe that it is this publicity, the reputation that you carry with you, that goes a long way to determining the level of your success as a salesperson.

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False assumptions can kill sales

A review of the sort of assumptions sales people often make that may not necessarily be true and will reduce the chance of winning new business

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I will call you back when I have time

How do you handle prospect when they try and brush you off

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Just give us your BEST price

What do you say when a prospect asks for the "best price" - Here are four useful options

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Wake up and smell the coffee

Over the last few years, more and more coffee shops have been arriving on the high street. Starbucks recently announced its new business growth strategy, to open 200 drive-thrus in Britain over the next five years; good

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The myths and secrets of closing sales

What are some of the myths and secrets of gaining commitments from prospects, investors and colleagues

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