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Nick Bladock


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Spot the Lie

Among the top problems which sales people experience is knowing when someone is telling the truth; whether the prospect likes you, your product or service, understands your offer, or is telling you porky-pies. How might

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Why Hot Buttons Work

The phrase 'hot button' is quite common today. It refers to something in a person that so resonates with what you do that the other person has to respond in a particular way. How can you use this concept to your advantag

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Meeting the Need of the Decision Maker

What can you do to increase the chances that that meeting will result in an outcome that will be beneficial to both of you?

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Knowing when to stop

Sometimes as sales people we talk too much and forget to use our ears and eyes to tell us when the prospect is ready to buy. Sometimes we try for too long to turn a hopefully lead into new business costing us dearly in t

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What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself

What publicity do you give yourself? I believe that it is this publicity, the reputation that you carry with you, that goes a long way to determining the level of your success as a salesperson.

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False assumptions can kill sales

A review of the sort of assumptions sales people often make that may not necessarily be true and will reduce the chance of winning new business

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It is a tough market out there but there ARE opportunities

An insight into how the mind set of a sales person can significantly affect their chances of making a sale

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